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5 Comments on “Pink Icing, Blue Icing – do you really care?”

  1. Adrian
    I'm a partially stay at home day, and my 4 year old daughter loves pink, what that says at about me I don't know ;) where as my 2 year old daughter prefers yellow. Interestingly, in Victorian times the colour gender association was the other way round. Pink for boys and blue for girls. Personally, I love a pink shirt, they're de rigueur in the City :)
    • Norma Lewis
      That's really interesting Adrian, I had no idea that things used to be the other way round. The point is though, that surely there was no need for a fuss because of the "stereotyping" of a woman with pink icing, and a man with blue? PC gone mad, I believe....
  2. Peter
    This is a classic "chicken-and-egg" question. Do girls prefer pink and boys blue (and they definitely do, and by the age of 2) because they have a deeper affinity with these colours, or because they learn that, as girls or boys, they are supposed to? Like you, I suspect it's all learned. But, as they always say in published studies on almost anything, "more research is needed"!

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